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Today’s focus is on a metabolic approach to cancer treatment and why proper nutrition is needed. Cancer cells ingest all kinds of sugar at a rate that is 50 times that of normal cells, according to Dr Nasha Winters in her book entitled: The Metabolic Approach to Cancer……..Highly recommend this book to you.
Cancers need a big blood supply to transport the loads of sugar that they want in order to grow. That is why a ketogenic diet is recommended for anyone with cancer. It helps us literally starve a cancer. Combining this with anti-oxidants not only starves a cancer of sugar (used to produce the energy to allow the cancer cells to grow), but also it cuts down the kind of blood supply needed to transport the sugar. Cancer cells are anaerobic, meaning that they hate oxygen, so the more oxygen rich blood we can send to the cancer, the less the cells can grow.
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