The LITE  Center offers an integrative medicine approach for wellness through nutritional, physical, and psychological programs that are tailored for each person utilizing state of the art technologies, in order to improve your life in mind, body, and spirit.

Our Services 

John Barnes Myofascial Release Technique:  This technique has been shown to have the best results for those who have fascial restrictions and/or are in chronic pain.  Restoring healthy fascial functioning becomes a major component of an integrative approach to health and well being.

Weber Medical Laser System:  This technology is useful to reduce inflammation and boost immune functioning by restoring healthy mitochondrial function. This technology has been found effective in treating many painful conditions, multiple sclerosis, dementia, chronic fatigue, neuropathies, Lyme disease, HIV, and certain cancers.


PHYSICAL:  Our team believes in balance of systems as the key to success. We utilize Yoga, Pilates, tailored exercises/reconditioning/stretching managed by a certified personal trainer.  When needed, we offer prolotherapy and local injections.

Storz D-Actor Pressure Wave: Utilizes sound wave and pressure energy to heal tissue, develop new blood supply (neovascularization), and reduce pain. This is used to treat painful shoulders, knees, necks, backs, and conditions such as plantar fasciitis and all are potentially helped as part of an integrative treatment program.

   Psychological/Psychiatric  Programs:  All pain, whether acute or chronic has a physical (called the sensory discriminative aspect) and a “mental” aspect (called the affective/motivational aspect), which is influenced by our thoughts and feelings. What that means is that pain is “felt” in the brain. Mind control of pain can go as far as some folks being able to have successful surgery with less bleeding without any anesthesia or analgesics afterwards!  Our psychological technologies are designed to help each person develop their own ways to maximize health and pain management. These tools are useful 24/7 with no side effects!

NUTRTIONAL:  We take an integrative medicine approach to create a healthy microbiome for oral cavity, stomach, and intestines utilizing genomic, stool, blood, urine, and salivary lab testings to identify what your body needs for health.